Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Casio Wrist Camera

This is the Casio WQV3D-8BNDL Color Wrist Camera. It saves 176x144 pixel JPEGS onto its 1MB built-in flash memory. Pictures can also be viewed on its 20mm square screen, while the watch's oveall measuremens are rather large at 51mmx43mmx16mm. It connects to a computer via usb or IR and also features, time, stopwatch, calendar, and alarm functions. These days a watch like this is not much more than a novelty, but during the Cold War it was a spy's bread and butter. Check out this link to Watchismo to see some of the history of the wrist-mounted spy camera.


Anonymous said...

that's creepy. he he

Marisela said...

You write very well.